The Dolls Abroad DVD

The Dolls Abroad DVD

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The DVD of the sell-out tour!

The Dolls Abroad was the must see comedy for 2017. 

Having scrubbed toilets and pubs from Balloch to Dalgety Bay, The Dolls were in need of a holiday. And a donner doon Dunoon promenade just wasn’t gonnae cut the mustard! 

Luckily fate intervened when Agnes won top prize at Big Bella’s Bingo – an all-expense paid holiday in Greece, and she took her lifelong pal Sadie along for the ride. 

What follows was a whirlwind of ungodly heat, new foods (Tzatziki’s a food? We thought it wis an infection) and an unlikely romance. However in the end the most important discovery was that a friendship found gabbing over the bleached holy bowl is a friendship for life! 

The Dolls took their audiences on the gutter budget trip of a lifetime, with comedy banter, sing-alongs and all the fun that fans have come to expect from Scotland’s favourite Scrubbers.