The Dolls: Dragged Up! DVD

The Dolls: Dragged Up! DVD

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Just when you thought it was safe to pack away the Tena Ladys (apparently you can get nine pishes oot eh them), THEY’RE BACK!The tan has barely faded from Agnes and Sadie’s thick leathery skin and they’re in trouble again, and left lip-synching for their mother-tucking lives. 

Missing money and an unlucky haundbag send The DOLLS on a crazy, camp, gusset drenching adventure of qween sized proportions - through a glittering underworld of rivalries, rhinestones and one or two rammies! 

With mistaken identities and secret disguises abound, will the gallus DOLLS be able to keep up with who’s who? (will you?) Will long brewing family resentments be resolved? Gather your dollies, grab your clitoris all sorts and get ready for ...